The Observer of Business and Politics, August 28, 1995

Zenith Global Consultants Pvt Ltd. And Leadership Management International Inc. (LMI) of US has entered into a strategic alliance to launch LMI programmes in India.

LMI is active in sixty countries worldwide and has been set up by Mr. Paul Meyer, a world leader and guru in the field of human development.

According to Dr. Hiru Bijlani, President of Zenith Global Consultants and General director of the programmes, LMI has developed a set of unique behaviour change programmes to help people make full use of their potential and lead more fulfilling professional and personal lives. LMI has set up a separate research organization for human behaviour analysis and has been constantly updating its materials and ideas based on new knowledge. It provides optimum input support to organizations which conduct LMI Programmes in different parts of the world.

While comparing LMI Programmes with such similar programmes being conducted by other organizations in India, Dr. Bijlani said, LMI Programmes do not volving merely sale and delivery of material and tapes and unlike seminars it involves the crucial inputs of the facilitator to ensure effective transfer of the ideas into tangible measurable results for the individual and consequently to the organizations.

Another uniqueness of LMI programmes, Dr. Bijlani said is that the programmes ensure results. He has himself undergone training recently in U.S. and he is convinced about the uniqueness of the programmes. Besides he has many letters and reference both from India and abroad signifying the quality and benefits of the LMI Programmes.

Dr Bijlani announced that the LMI Programmes will be launched in all major cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. The duration of the programmes range from six to sixteen weeks depending on the programme selected.

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