Financial Express, February 2, 1994

The East Meets West Corporation India, which will work in the area of joint ventures and technology transfer in the manufacture of environmentally friendly products is soon to be set up in India. Dr Hiru Bijlani, Management Consultant in the area of International Busienss, will be the Managing Director and Ms Anneke van waesberghe will be the chairperson. Ms Anneka van Waesberghe is also the President of East Meets West Foundation, New York, which was partly instrumental in the setting up of the Global Forue,

(currently headed by Mikhil Gorbachev) which fosters meetings between global leaders on environment related issues.

The East Meets West Corporation India will focus via seminars and conferences on interaction between companies which deal in environmentally friendly products. The Corporation’s specific areas of interest are pollution control equipment, energy conservation techniques, and enhancement of value addition levels of products.

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