Changi, May 1991

Zenith Collaboration Consultants Pte Ltd, based in Bombay, India, offers consultancy services for collaborations, diversification planning, feasibility studies, project implementation, business improvement students, senior level manpower placement and business representation.

For foreign forms in India, Zenith advises them on taxation, legal requirements set by government of India for foreign collaborators. To collaborate with local Indian companies, shortlisted Indian firms will be evaluated and given profile reports. It also provides business representation for foreign firms in the sale of technology equipment, appointment of distribution channels, trade promotion, tender submission and advertising.

The agency maintains a computerised data bank for placement in senior positions. After obtaining from the client-firm complete details regarding the company profile, the organisation structure and the job requirements, the job is matched from the data bank.

The team of consultants are professionals from diverse backgrounds with experience in management.

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