Leadership Management Incorporated (LMI) one of the world's largest professional development organizations, is here. And fronting its Indian operations is Hiru Bijlani, management consultant, conventions man, and occasional author. LMI, which was set up in 1966 by management expert Paul J Meyer, is active today in 60 countries and provides training in 18 languages. It has its own independent research wing that studies human behaviour and development.

LMI, says Bijlani, offers five programmes - effective personal productivity, effective selling strategies, effective management development, effective personal leadership and effective supervisory management. He claims that they are relevant for top management as well as entry-level executives.

LMI also tailors the programmes to suit individual organizations and the specific responsibilities of the people being trained.

Both the employees and their superiors are present while the programmes are designed and five key objectives or 'smart' goals - specific, measurable, attainable, real and tangible - are set.

Bijlani says that LMI is so confident of the programmes that it offers to refund the fees paid if a client is not satisfied half-way through the course. A pragmatic decision given the fact that the course fees ranges from a whopping $7,000 to $14,000 per head per programme.

Currently Bijlani, as general director, is the sole LMI representative in India. But he expects to develop 20 more facilitators in a year's time. According to him, LMI having trained employees at 60,000 companies world-wide in three decades, should have a smooth sail in India. So he is, predictably, quite optimistic about his new job.

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