By Chatura Poojari

Frequent flyer and author of Tips and Tales for Travellers, Hiru Bijlani unwinds over the weekend with golf, book and music. His working days are choc-a-bloc with advising clients on joint ventures, training senior managers, interviewing them for placement activities and guiding his team of consultants.

Hiru starts his day early by 5.30 in the morning, to catch up with his writing and editing work. After Tips and Tales …, he is current working on Succeed in

Business India, to be released by Times Publishing, a first-time primer for foreigners coming to India. Besides writing for various magazines, he spends his morning editing, dictating and reading longish office reports.

Holed-up in the study till 9.00 am, he is ready to leave for the office by 10.30 am. Afte six hours of sorting out management techniques at Zenith Global Consultants, he has to take time off to unwind. He does this either by playing golf or talking a walk at the US club or the Bombay Gymkhana.

Since he is at his creative best in the mornings, Hiru even spends his Saturday mornings planning new strategies for consulting. He reserves the afternoon for a game of gold at the US Club. Or puts his feet up to read or listen to jazz or ghazals. Television is strict no-no, so he spends his Sunday socialising and partying.

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