The power of affirmation to control and direct thoughts is know for centuries. All that we ‘are’ is the result of what we have thought Marcus Aurelieus the Roman emperor philosopher said “A man’s life is what his thoughts make up”

Affirmations transform your thinking you attitudes and finally you behavior and helps to produce the results you desire.

An affirmation is a positive declaration of what you want to be, what you want to have or how you want to live your life.

Affirmation has been given man names self motivation, self commands auto
suggestions or self talk
An affirmation is controlled directed by talk which gives direction and impact to your plans goals for health self improvement etc. and results in greater utilization on of your potential for success, whatever you desire.

Why do Affirmations work?

The sub-conscious mind does not distinguish between the truth and falsehood. It accepts everything you say to it as and order and says yes to the order. It actually works to produce what you order.

If you keep feed things to obtain it remembers and transfers them to the body constant repetition procedure and acceptance and finally belief then magic works and the sub-conscious mind delivers what you asked for unconditionally.

According to Norman Vincent Peale “When the mental picture is strongly enough held it actual seems to control condition and circumstance” Dr. Emile Couse the French Physician of the late r19th Century told his patients that they would improve faster if they adopted that simple plan of saying over and over:

“Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better”

Dr. Coue even affirmed that daily use of this statement would result in the curing of physical ailments as well as in the development of their happier attitudes. Those who followed his method found that it worked inspite of the ridicule of others.

Dr. Emile Coue understood that the repetition of a positive thought over and over day after day affects the sub-conscious mind and the creative power within.

Repetition is an infallible technique of making the mind believer and act upon new ideas. You live upto what you expect of yourself. Therefore the use of affirmations is a dynamic tool for personal development.

With constant use of affirmation the law of displacement starts working , i.e. affirmed ideas replaced earlier condition because you expect to see positive changes you begin to act in the manner you have affirmed. You become a changed personality because you act according to the exception you set for yourself.

Your affirmation become a self fulfilling prophecy.

How you feel deepens on you mental stance thus affirmation affect he physical well being as powerful as they affect mental attitudes affirming health and strength predisposes you to experience physical well begin. While on the other hand looking for symptoms of illness and reinforcing them with fear promises illness.

“ As a man thinks in his heart, so is he “ said the wise king Solomon three thousand years ago. Affirmations are powerful in bringing about personality changes & success. They give a powerful burst of physical energy that energizes you in the achievement of goals that are important to you.

How to construct & use affirmations :

Write affirmations in specific terms of what you actually want. Follow the rules given below :-

1 Use the 1st person pronoun. 'I'
2 State Affirmation positively
3 State affirmation in the present tense.

Affirmation must be used repeatedly everyday.

The best time to say your affirmation is:

  • First thing in the morning as soon as you get up.
  • Last thing at night before you go to sleep.

Please do not restrict yourself to saying it only at these two times.

The more you affirm, the faster the result.

Write down your affirmations repeatedly for reinforcement...


Another useful technique for focusing your creative power on achieving goals is the practice of Visualization.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is the act of mentally picturing ideas, events, circumstances and objects.

Visualization is effective in enhancing one's ability to achieve.

Successful, high achievers in every profession exercise visualization.

Like affirmations research has shown the Visualization improves headings, rejuvenation and also slows down the physical effects of aging. Research has further shown that Visualization can produce changes in the body. Many professional athletes find Visualization to be a powerful tool to enhance their athletic prowess.

Why does Visualization work?

Your sub-conscious mind does not differentiate between actual scenes & those you imagine. when you see yourself acting in a certain way, you begin to believe this is your habitual performance and therefore it mantises. Your mind talks to your body by using mental images. This dialogue is going on all the time sometimes in healing ways, sometimes in harmful ways - although much of the time you may not be consciously aware of it. Likewise your conscious & unconscious mind communicates with each other by using imagery or visualization.

DR. Carl Simonton, M.D., a radiation oncologist studied and popularized the importance of Visualization as an important therapy in treating cancer. Dr. Mike & Nancy Samuel's, and others have educated & inspired many people about the importance of Visualization in healing. Dr. Robert Eliot, Dr. Carl Simonton and various others too have discussed the importance of Visualization in treatment. In this book "Program for reversing Heart Disease", Dr. Dean Ornish recommends the use of Visualization to improve Coronary blood flow. It is to be noted that Dr. Ornish's system is scientifically proven to cure and alleviate heart diseases without drugs or surgery.

When you see a vivid picture of yourself in possession of your goals, the picture stimulates desire; sparks creativity in planning actions steps and fuels motivation to take action.

With conscious practice one can retrieve one's skill of Visualizing and turn it into a forceful habit to improve results and achieve one's goals.

To practice Visualization use the following two steps :-

1. Shut your eyes and imagine that you are in possession of what you desire to possess or attain for e.g. If you desire to own a car imagine that your own one and are driving it - vividly, colours & all. If you desire to improve health shut your eyes & visualizes yourself in that state.

2. In addition to the above cut out a picture of the above & paste it where you see it frequently. for e.g. paste a picture of a car or a photograph of yourself in a state of perfect health or a picture of somebody who embodies perfect health to you & paste this for example on the bathroom mirror.

Visualization focuses attention on goals.
Visualization increases desires
Visualization intensifies beliefs
Visualization sharpens concentration
Visualization relieves stress
Visualization fuels motivation.

In Conclusion : What we think is what we become. Everything is created twice, once in the mind and then in the physical world.

By using the two techniques of Affirmations and Visualization we can achieve desired goals

Dr. Hiru Bijlani a Management Consultant and Managing Director of Zenith Global Consultants Limited, an instructor led learning training and online learning firm. He is also the former President of the Institute of Management Consultants of India and author of several books and articles.


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